Installation at Image/Architecture
The Sheldon Brown StudioLab: a hybrid Atelier/Technology Development Studio at UCSD, in conjunction with the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts and representing the New Media Arts Layer of the California Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications – Cal(IT)2.

In the Sheldon Brown StudioLab, we create hybrid forms of culture at the intersection of new media, public space, architecture and art. Underlying this work is the engagement of digital technologies as a translational medium that allows for a mutable exchange of forms, sensibilities and gestures. Modeling, simulation and software become the common threads of discourse that shape the way we approach the crafting of temporal and spatial event space. Cinema is spatially modeled as architectural levels, temporally driven by game engines in multi-user theaters. Public space is architecturally formed by the externalized narratives of interactive technology. Spatial form is algorithmically generated to optimally contain temporal events. The act of modeling - with all of its implications in simulation, play and iconization - becomes the significant object gesture of physical space, creating sublime transformations of material, form and content. Games become the synergistic form of our cultural moment - re-mixing temporal and spatial expressive strategies- a collapse of the architectural and the cinematic, mediated through the common medium of software design.

This reformation of cultural form provokes a reform in cultural process. The engineering lab, the art academy, the media production crew, the atelier - each of these models has efficacy as problem solving structures for fixed boundary disciplines. But now software structures undercut old line hardwired forms - we roll our own disciplines and forms as we see fit. We approach our own practices with both disciplinary mutability and organizational fluidity. Works shown in the Image/Architecture exhibition come from these approaches. They are the result of investigations into these hybrid cultural forms, and are the result of hybrid creative approaches, each by working participants of the Sheldon Brown StudioLab.