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  Smoke and Mirrors  
  a virtual reality artwork by  
  Sheldon Brown  
  Graphics & Technical Assistance by  
  Wes Middleton & Chris Berg  
  Programming by  
  Craig Donner  
  Support from  
  The California Dept. of Health  
  The California Arts Council  
  Thanks to  
  David Poulin, Ryan McKinley, Brian Crabtree, Peter Segerstrom, Phoebe Bradley, Thea Brown, Chloe Brown, Dan Vecchitto, Paul Siboroski, Lynne Kennedy, Jeff Kirsch, and the staff of The Fleet Science Center  
  Construction by  
  Sparks Exhibits and Environments  
  Additional Support from  
  The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, UCSD  
  The California Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications,  
  NDL, Inc  
  DVD Production by  
  Wes Middleton