The piece explores the changing notions of being in the world that are presented to us by the emerging concept of "virtual reality", and how these concepts directly connect to developments in other areas of contemporary culture that have re configured our ideas of nature, culture, shelter and community. Because the content of the projected imagery is different at all times, the interior imagery will range from that which shows the great potential for understanding and communication that these technologies provide, as well as the banality that their time and energies are often spent upon. The reconfiguration of the imagery often makes surprising revelations of content. Some of the most beautiful images that I have seen inside of the piece are during overhead shots of the "Wheel of Fortune" spinning around, making an animated architectural scallop around the room, while a collage of interchangeable "white men in ties" generally occurs during simultaneous national news broadcasts, provoking one to question whose interests are being served by this deepening mediascape that we inhabit.

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