These various video sources are processed by computers in real time and displayed on 28 monitors. The images are magnified 5 times their size, such that each monitor contains a 1/25th of a normal video image. These images are wiped across the entire surface of the wall in various patterns, directions and speeds such that a viewer fixing their gaze upon a portion of the wall, will see only abstract patterns of color washing by. However, if the viewer aligns their vision with the movements of the video, following an image as it travels across the surface of the monitors, their perceptual memory coalesces these patterns into the recognizable image sources. Thus, the viewer has to actively engage their own view of the installation into the specific temporal domains that each source presents in order for the mediated aspects of the work to be perceived. This process serves to distance the viewer from a normal, sensational mediated response to one that is self-consciously complex and critical of the works perceptual nature.

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