Sheldon Brown

Assembly »

Assembly is a project that uses a platform we are developing to enable our computing systems to evolve and learn, providing emergent behavior out of the interactions between data and users. A first demonstration of this approach is a project called “Assembly” in which an algorithmic basis of evolutionary processes has been created.

Virbela »

VirBELA is a learning and development organization that provides innovative cyber-technologies to improve global educational experiences that empower individuals, teams and organizations.

3015 »

Performance artist Marina Abramović was in residence at the Clarke Center along with science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson, collaborating with Clarke Center researchers to produce multiple works.

Scalable City »

Creates an urban/suburban/rural environment via a data visualization pipeline. Each step in this pipeline builds upon the previous, amplifying exaggerations, artifacts and the patterns of algorithmic process. The results are experiences in print, video installations, multi-user games and virtual environments.

Istoria »

Sculptures created from computer controlled modeling and fabrication processes. They begin with the same seed of 3D object data, then are transformed by algorithmic and modeling manipulations. The resulting sculptures are the intersection between material properties, object data space and constructive processes.

Smoke and Mirrors »

Artwork created by Sheldon Brown, originally commissioned by the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Visitors enter into a shared virtual environment through their own projected computer graphic portal. The environment engages viewers in a series of activities drawn from the cultural and social history of tobacco usage.

Mi Casa Tu Casa »

A networked virtual reality playhouse in Mexico City and San Diego.

Video Wind Chimes »

Devices which reveal the ongoing negotiation between the cultural and the natural.

In The Event »

Public artwork at the Key Arena in Seattle.